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Products made from land, our land to be respect as a friend to maintain the traditions and increase life quality.

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When you purchase directly from the farmer, you not only pay a fair price but also provide vital support to our local farming community.

At Landfriend, we believe in cutting out the middlemen, resulting in reduced transport and packaging waste – a win for both your wallet and the environment.

Engaging directly with farmers allows us to reconnect with the agricultural world, fostering a deep appreciation for the value of seasonal products. Straight from the farm to your table, our produce isn’t just exceptionally fresh; it boasts its own distinctive, farm-fresh flavor.

Join us in promoting sustainable, local agriculture. Choose Landfriend and experience the difference firsthand.


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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, Landfriend permits to order via the platform the eco-friendly products or services added by the local producers. The shipment and order it will be managed by the local producer.

In Landfriend is possible to find eco-friendly products or services added directly by local producers as food products, coffe, pasta; beverages, wine that are guaranteed by EU Labeling as High Quality, BIO or Local Products.

You can register on Landfriend platform going on the Join Community link. The registration can be perform inserting your email or via your Google account. The registration is free.

The local producer needs to be registered on the platform to fill the form of your specific Type of Sale that wants to be promoted and visible. Each Type of Sale have different functionalities available as online shop, event calendar or location map visible to the consumer.


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