Why from the farmers?

By buying right from the farmer, you pay a fair price and you support our farmers. No intermediaries means no unnecessary transport or packaging, which benefits the environment

Through the farmer you come back in contact with the agricultural activity and you learn to appreciate the benefits of seasonal productsProducts straight from the farmer are not only very fresh, they also have their own unique taste.

Directly from the farm

You know the farmer personally, so you know where your products come from.

Ecological footprint

By limiting the number of links in the chain, the product will travel fewer food miles and packaging waste will be reduced.

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Seasonal products

At the farm you get fresh and quality products with a specific taste and you eat according to the seasons.


By buying locally, you support the local economy and the farmer gets a fair price.

Contribute over a million EU farms

You are in direct contact with the farmer who produces your food. The farmer can explain the production method, the varieties and even share delicious recipes with you. That creates confidence because you know exactly what you will get on your plate. The farmer also likes to tell you his story and is proud of his products.

In the short chain you can buy vegetables, fruit and potatoes, but you can also buy dairy, meat, herbs, etc. directly from the farmer.

You can buy from the farmer in a farm shop directly in the yard, at a farmers market or at a vending machine. But there are many more types of outlets in the short chain!