It is Jean Tillement who is at the initiative of picking Peltre. Jean has been a breeder and grain producer at Peltre for 34 years. Anxious to diversify his operation and facilitate the installation of his son Vincent, he decided in 1992 to transform part of his fields into vegetable gardens and orchards and allow the public to come and pick his vegetables, his fruits and even his flowers.

Vincent Tillement took over the entire activity in 1998.

The picking of Peltre has been from the start, a Straw Hat picking.

The principle is simple: A basket, a wheelbarrow, a pruner in hand, according to your needs, you wander the aisles of our vegetable patch and orchard.

You pick at the rhythm of the seasons, from April to November, fresh and varied products grown with respect for sustainable agriculture.

By consuming locally, you are guaranteed to find among 60 varieties, the true taste of strawberry, tomato, apple ... at the fairest price in an eco-responsible approach.

Estelle, Vincent Tillement and their team leave you the key to sharing alone, with family or friends a true moment of relaxation and leisure.

Peltre picking reopened for the season in mid-April, after the traditional winter closure.

What a joy to taste the first radishes, crunchy and colorful salads, early turnips and spinach ... but also rhubarb and its first pies!

Soon the arrival of the first strawberries which are the favorite fruit of many customers! true taste is picked!

Mother's Day will be an opportunity for you to compose bouquets of lilies and poet's carnations!

Over the weeks, you can pick a beautiful planter of vegetables, peas, carrots and new potatoes or the first zucchini.

Then come the delicious red fruits, raspberries, currants and tomatoes with summer!

All these products picked at maturity freeze perfectly or turn into jams, coulis or jars, the opportunity to savor the taste of your picking all winter !!!

Adam and Eve cracked! You will munch on our delicious harvest apples, then the range will expand with our 20 varieties. Also, remember to keep them in winter!

We will be able to answer your questions about our growing methods, do not hesitate

Having at heart to transmit what nature gives us the best, we will be delighted to answer your questions about our growing methods, but we are committed to transmitting this know-how to the little ones, that is why we welcome schools.