Balja Extra Virgin Olive Oil 0,75L


High quality extra virgin olive oil that can be used for preparing hot dishes and as a seasoning over salads.



Olive oil Balija is very interesting one because of its taste and smell. The quality is something we don’t even need to discuss – TOP. If you want a product that is quality, healthy and natural, then Balija Olive oil is the right choice for you. Olive Oil is produced only from healty and fresh olives because they don’t accept anything but perfection – or maybe even more than that? Extra Virgin Olive Oil calls for healthy and quality fruits, hand harvesting, cold pressing procedure within 12 hours, storing the oil in stainless steel tanks with no oxygen content at the temperature of 18º C and bottling under the strictest technological conditions. The oil obtained in such a way has the highest content of nutritionally valuable elements and a decidedly aromatic note.


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